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Our satellite networks support critical business applications with secure connections and broadband, given that global connectivity is a 'must have' in today's business environment.
In current technology, IP connectivity centric world is the driver that enables business success, and for many companies, integrating remote locations in the enterprise network is critical to maintaining competitive advantage. IP Traffic embraces most of the daily activities of the organization, providing greater efficiency, lower operating costs and increased productivity. Broadband satellite Vsat offers these advanced technologies for your organization, and it almost anywhere in the world. Fast connectivity, reliable and affordable, you can deploy your business applications, no matter where you are. Our technology is reliable for businesses, large and small, to support critical IP applications within organizations, integrating both networks and platforms both land and satellite.
Our VSAT services offer a unique combination of dedicated and shared bandwidth to support applications Voice, Data and Video for Enterprise networks. Our platform is easy to deploy across your organization with minimum disruption to your business. Our network effectively supports all your voice communications requirements, data and video a time of high network service.

For the Government

The Government and the Army work in a fluid environment and require communication networks that are reliable and flexible in order to meet the demands of today's world constantly changing, and in some areas, satellite communications are the only way to stay in touch.

Equipping schools and relocated Administrations of the country,

servicesVsat can cover the villages and administrations earliest state of pays.Ils give a new opportunity to the government to provide smaller institutions, access to Internet services for a window on the world and better transmission of knowledge.

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