What tracking ?

Powerful software for managing your fleet

Managing a fleet vehicle is an important financial position for a company, regardless of its size or activity. E.com tracking interface and comprehensive software for fleet management market to effectively assist your team in administrative tasks and controls. E.com tracking collection and centralizes all the information on your company vehicles. With comprehensive historical are fluent you reduce the costs of your fleet and its operations.

The benefits of the solution

• Better control the costs of your fleet
• Better communication with drivers
• Automatic reporting to the authorities (CO2 report, ...)
• Help for managing leases
• Control fuel costs

A fleet of vehicles is very often an important part of a company's costs. The rigorous and pragmatic fleet management therefore has a real impact on economic performance as well as satisfaction end customer.

Simple, effective and efficient

E.com tracking allows you to monitor the activity of your vehicles and your drivers remotely and in real time, through a permanent dialogue between a housing and a web application. A communication unit (GPS / GPRS) is installed on each vehicle, ensuring vehicle tracking and monitoring. This device allows you to view and control the vehicle on a single computer connected to the Internet: our application provides maps, satellite images, charts, reports and alarms.

Flexible and reliable solution

Once installed in the vehicle, the housing Securysat Fleet capture all necessary data and transmits them in real time via the GPRS network highly secure servers. After identification, users access data from their fleet on the Internet platform (www.Securysat-fleet.com): a true picture of fully configurable board.

View your entire fleet in real timel

The internet-www.Securysat fleet.com site allows you to view on a map Google Maps integrated in our platform, one or more vehicles simultaneously, but also to perform a series of reports configurable export ables in XLS or PDF about the history of their downtime or driving, the distance traveled, average speed, etc.. You can monitor real-time movement of your vehicle: trips, downtime, rolling, speed, ... All these data are stored on a secure server and can be accessed and processed at any time from any PC connected to internet. In the absence of network, the tag stores up to 4,000 positions 10 day trip and then forwards it to the collector upon receipt of the signal.

Respect for private life

The "privacy" feature ensures users that the data collected outside their hours of service are ignored by the collector. These times are even customizable, day by day.

A management tool

Each tag can be configured in order to easily locate on the map and on the reports that you use. An odometer GPS allows you to track and predict the maintenance of each of your vehicles frequencies. Every journey made is listed: distance traveled, time stops and routes, ...
The program allows to manage drivers with an electronic key and edit reports on their distances, the nature of the trip (private, home-work, professional) their running time and downtime, regardless or the vehicle they used. Easy and essential if a vehicle is used by several drivers.

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