Location and Mapping

Vehicles equipped with a tag appear in real time on E.com tracking platform. It is possible to locate them on a map of Google Maps . The data refresh is done automatically.


The E.com tracking platform permit to create geographic areas (circular or polygonal) and control the entry and exit of vehicles in these areas.

Find the nearest vehicle

The E.com tracking platform also offers the ability to search the nearest vehicle to a given location. The result indicates the actual mileage and estimated duration based on the type of road (this information is given for guidance only and does not take into account traffic problems).

Management of privacy

The option "privacy" is also available via the administration screen vehicles. It allows, for example in the case of a company car, not to follow the movements for private uses (eg weekends).

People management and driver identification

The driver identification is made using a Dallas key. In general the reader is mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle. Identification is required and in the case of a failure to produce identification, the device emits a beep.

The management of drivers is fully configurable via the E.com tracking platform. It is via screen people management. By specifying a driver ID to a person, it is assigned a Dallas key. Each time the key is inserted into a drive fleet, this person will be identified as a driver of the vehicle.

Managing groups of vehicles

To facilitate the tracking of vehicles, it is possible to create groups of related vehicles (eg Technical Service). This group concept is present throughout the platform and greatly facilitates the work of the fleet manager especially when the number of vehicles is importan


The data is stored on secure servers. You can access these data through various reports. These reports are available directly in the report window or can be exported in PDF, CSV and Excel flie

Trip report

The trip report contains information on the vehicle, the driver, distance, start date, end date, start address, a destination address, time, and average speed.

Stops report

The arrest report contains the following informations: vehicle, address, dates of start and end time.

Position Report

The position report displays all positions transmitted by the vehicle (every 1 or 2 minutes). The message includes the position of the vehicle, the driver, date of installation, address, speed, mileage.

Activity Report

The activity report can see at a glance how long the various activities of drivers, using different colors to better manage your mobile teams.

Users Management

You can create and manage an unlimited number of users with specific access rights to different features of the platform and vehicles.

Events Management

Event management is a particularly powerful feature of E.com tracking platform. It is possible from any information sent by the housing Securysat Fleet to generate actions.

• The user configures the condition that will trigger an action. The latter may be due to: the speed, the battery, the mileage, the type of message (touch ON / OFF) status (driving / off) position (whether or not in an area), the digital input 1 Digital input 2, etc. .....
• The user then configures the action result. There are 5 possible actions:

o Change of icon
o Change of icon colour
o Sending an SMS
oSending a mail
o Generating a pop-up
o Change of activity

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