The regenerator of battery, What is it? Batterie plus

is a technology specialized in the regeneration of traction battery, starting up and stationary, AGM Batteries, Gel Batteries, Batteries lead open .

Each battery by design begins to lose its ability to charge return in the first year until replaced at the end of the fifth year (normal operating condition). Batterie plus technology allows you to find the characteristic of origin of your batteries and extend their use.

Batterie Plus provides an economical solution to your energy post:

•Maintenance and repair of batteries.
• Reconditioning and battery regeneration.
•Management and maintenance of batteries.

What are the advantages of BRT regenerators :

• Doubling the duration of "life" of your batteries
• Find the original features of your batteries :
•functions of storage and production
•Improve their performance
• Increase your productivity
• Shorten charge cycles
• Reduce your power consumption
• Reduce your electromechanic breakdowns



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